WWII Paratrooper knife, orange Delrin handle, brass button functions as designed. Made by Camillus
1970's Randall throwing knife with original leather sheath. Very good shape. New ones are now over 200 dollars
Big bear terriorist alert. Think about this You buy a car from the dealer. The dealer calls you in for a recall repair but when you go to pick up your car., The dealer won't give it back unless you pay off the entire car loan and pay for the repairs too. You refuse to pay and the dealer sells your car to another. The dealer calls them in for recall repairs and pulls the same scam over and over ...
Lost dog white terrier, 20lbs named Casper, very skittish, collar and tags with a chip
Dog bolted from home on Lakeview and Talmadge ,Big Bear Lake 7/29
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